Exclusive Video – Equinox (#5)

Thank you for adopting one of the elephant families from Dzanga Bai!

The following are exclusive videos of Equinox and her family, recorded by Andrea Turkalo at Dzanga.
(There is sound, of course, so best viewed with your headphones on.)


This sequence is of Equinox and her newborn Equinox V. The next day they returned to the bai where baby Equinox snorts and splashes in a shallow pool.


Equinox approaches a mineral pit with Equinox V (2 yrs old). Her 7-yr-old, Equinox IV, joins them from the right. The youngest is still nursing and shows little interest in drinking in the pit, but her older sister is drinking.


Equinox and her calf stand at the edge of a mineral pit where a young male is monopolizing the access. Sometimes this waiting game can last for a long time, even more than an hour.


Equinox walks along the Dzanga stream, followed by Equinox IV. At a mineral pit Equinox seems to test the water quality, but rejects it.


Equinox I, IV, and IV take turns drinking from a pit.