Adopt An Elephant

Welcome to the Elephant Listening Project’s Elephant Adoption Program!

Our collaboration with Andrea Turkalo has allowed us to develop a wealth of observation notes, photos, and videos of hundreds of elephants.  The Elephant Adoption Program allows you to become involved in elephant conservation by supporting the Elephant Listening Project.








Forest elephants are found in the rainforests of the Congo Basin of Central Africa and parts of West Africa. They spend the majority of their lives in forests which make them more difficult to study. Forest elephants are threatened by poaching, habitat loss, resource extraction, and increasing human populations. The Elephant Listening Project is dedicated to learning more about these magnificent animals to aid in their protection. Join us in helping elephants have a better chance at surviving in the wild.


Your symbolic adoption will give you a glimpse into the lives of forest elephant families in the Central African Republic.

As a Thank You Gift for joining our Elephant Adoption Program, we will send you a packet of images, information, and links to exclusive video of the family you have chosen:

In addition to your adoption package, you will receive our E-newsletter to keep you updated on our progress. (Bull elephants are solitary from a young age and their family history is rarely known, so no family tree is available for them).

Option #1:

Option #2:
You can also set up your adoption through the mail, if you prefer.
Send us a note including:

  1. Name, complete address, and email (for video links) of the person who should receive the adoption packet
  2. Name of the elephant family you would like to adopt
  3. A check made out to ‘The Cornell Lab Elephant Listening Project’ for the desired adoption level, and please put ‘Adoption’ on the check memo line
  4. Mail to: Elephant Listening Project, 159 Sapsucker Woods Road, Ithaca, NY 14850